Custom Vanity License Plate

personalized license plate retro camper 2

Hello, my name is SHANA. For Christmas 2018 Shana, the 1958 retro red Shasta Airflyte Deluxe, received the gift of a personalized vanity license plate from the state of Georgia emblazoned with her name: SHANA. Now enthusiasts and passers by know her by name.

Kitchenette Upgrade Appliances

IMG 8859 e1499828269487

As part of the kitchenette upgrade we added a few convenient appliances. Decidedly without dedicated gas lines, which would require us to tote a propane tank, we opted for a pure electric mini fridge instead of the more costly units that run on electricity and gas. This either limits where we can camp to grounds … [Read more…]

Kitchenette Upgrade

shast airflyte interior redesign 06

When we purchased Shana her interior had been rebuilt with benches lining the interior. This presented an option for us to either rebuilt the interior like the original design or chart our own design. With a growing family and 58 years of innovation, we decided to design an interior to balance our budget and needs … [Read more…]

Bunk Beds


When we purchased Shana she had oak plywood benches around the interior perimeter. The rear would have originally had a cushioned bench that would fold into an almost full-size bed with storage cabinets overhead. In redesigning Shana we decided to install two almost full-size beds in a bunk bed configuration in the rear. This bunk … [Read more…]

The Camper Before VIN

One of the things we weren’t aware of prior to buying Shana is that she had no title. This became annoyingly obvious when we tried to insure her, which is impossible without one. In order to get one we had a policeman come to our home to supposedly investigate the safety of a “homemade” trailer. … [Read more…]

Restoring an American Classic: Interior Walls

red retro shasta airflyte restoration 31

Reconstructing the walls of a retro Shasta camper requires attention to detail. This is especially true when using expensive materials like premium plywood. For this rebuild a red oak flexible plywood was selected with walnut trim. Because of the curvature of the shell, each piece was custom cut then applied to the framing using a … [Read more…]

Restoring an American Classic: Interior Insulation

red retro shasta airflyte restoration 77

This is a camper. It will be used camping. There is no expectation of maintaining a perfectly comfortable 75 degrees inside. But we do have a heater and an air conditioner. So, a thin one inch layer of fiberglass and foam insulation was installed between the outer and interior walls. The insulation helps with temperature … [Read more…]

Restoring an American Classic: Interior Framing

red retro shasta airflyte restoration 68

The first step in refurbishing a 1958 Shasta camper is removing the rotten, damaged interior. In this project we needed to remove everything except a section of interior cabinets. The walls and rotten framing boards were carefully removed. They made way for a new and improved framing system.

Restoring an American Classic: Original Interior Cabinets

red retro shasta airflyte restoration 64

The cabinets inside our 1958 Shasta Airflyte were in good enough shape to partially restore and partially rebuild. The original craftsmanship of these cabinets is precise and almost a relic of yesteryears camper construction. Out of three sections we were able to keep two sections intact and rebuild the third section to match. This involved … [Read more…]

Restoring an American Classic: The Front Door

red retro shasta airflyte restoration 75

In restoring a 1958 Shasta Airflyte there are certain aspects that require more precision and detail than others. Retro camper door replacements are not readily available at hardware stores nor online, so rebuilding is the only option. In the pictures below you can see some of the painstaking steps required to reconstruct this Shasta door … [Read more…]