Pacific Northwest Road Trip

Look at Shana’s 9 camping adventures on this journey. On this road trip through 17 states this retro red vintage camper has travelled over 5,733 miles. She provided glamping accomodations to 7 lucky passengers for 16 nights. See Shana camping in the following states: South Dakota, Montana, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska.

Favorite Campsites

  1. Makoshika State Park in Glendive, Montana
  2. Custer State Park in Custer, South Dakota
  3. Moose Creek Resort in West Glacier, Montana
  4. Riverside Pitcher and Bowl in Spokane, Washington

Funnest Parks

  1. Custer State Park in Custer, South Dakota
  2. Yellowstone in Wyoming
  3. Craters of the Moon in Idaho

Biggest Surprises

  1. Stray Rottweiler dog getting in car and not leaving in Glacier, Montana
  2. Hiking onto a wild grizzly bear in Yellowstone, Wyoming
  3. Bald eagle attacking osprey, then catching osprey’s dropped fish in midair in Yellowstone, Wyoming
  4. Getting stuck in a herd of bison in Custer, South Dakota

Favorite Things To Do

  1. Summiting Big Cinder Butte in Craters of the Moon, Idaho
  2. Hiking to Avalanche Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana
  3. Playing in the downtown riverside park in Spokane, Washington
  4. Driving through 11 tunnels at:
    1. Scott’s Bluff National Monument in Nebraska
    2. Cody, Wyoming
    3. Needles Parkway in Custer, South Dakota
  5. Driving Needles Parkway in Custer, South Dakota

Best Meals

  1. REDwater Kitchen in Spearfish
  2. Blaze Pizza in Rapid City
  3. Pure Bean Roasters with Armadillos Ice Cream Shoppe in Rapid City

Favorite Wildlife

  1. Grizzly Bear at Yellowstone
  2. Prairie Dog at Devil’s Tower
  3. Bald Eagle at Yellowstone
  4. Wolves at Yellowstone

Wildlife Spottings

Antelope, Bald Eagle, Big horn sheep, Bison, Blue Heron, Chipmunk, Cow, Coyote, Deer, Dove, Duck, Elk, Golden Eagle, Goose, Grizzly Bear, Groundhog, Guinea, Horse, Llama, Marmot, Mouse, Osprey, Pelican, Pheasant, Pig, Prairie Dog, Rabbit, River Otter, Robin, Rotweiler, Seagull, Turkey, Walleye, Wolf