Moose Creek Resort at Glacier National

With a reliable new set of wheels from Discount Tire we set out for Montana through Idaho. We felt like we whiffed by not getting coffee the mecca capital of rich, dark coffee…Washington. But we lucked out with Terre Coffee in Post Falls, Idaho.

As we approached Glacier signs for Huckleberry jams and pies slowly but surely enticed our appetities, which peaked as we passed Willow’s Huckland. A decision was made before our eyes laid on the purple roadside attraction with all sorts of life-size wooden statues in the front lawn. Kimber went inside and quickly returned with a slice of pie a la mode with vanilla and huckleberry ice creams. As she left the building a full-grown stray rotweiler approached her. We’ll call her “Huckleberry”. We all found a purple pavilion that was perfect to sample the exciting new berry desserts. Huckleberry followed and will well manners waited for food to fall. After every bit of the pie was gone we walked back to the car and Huckleberry followed. With the kids buckled in the back Kimber opened the passenger door and Huckleberry got in going to the back and laying down on the floorboard. We tried to call her out and enticed her with crackers and even a beef stick, but she wouldn’t budge. Matt had to push her out and even then she stayed by the car. With careful attention to Huckleberry we pulled out onto the road and Huckleberry followed us for 50 yards or more until she couldn’t keep up with our speed. It was like she knew she should be on our trip, so after all that transpired in about 30 minutes it was sad to leave her.

We arrived at Moose Creek Campground, which one of very many campgrounds outside the west entrance of Glacier National Park. The campground was recently acquired by new management. Our campsite had electrical and water hookups and was separated from other campsites by a section of trees. There was a marmot hole nearby and we spotted a few at other campsites during the day. The campground has hot showers, swings, tetherball, volleyball, nightly events (campfire, movie, etc) and a store including made to order breakfast and dinner, which we did not partake.

Driving into Glacier we were advised that the Going-the-the-Sun road was closed 12 miles up. After reviewing a map we realized more than half the park was closed due to dangerous conditions. We opted for an “easy” hike before heading back to Moose Creek campground.

Our hike started out on Trail of the Cedars, which is a wide, flat trail among huge cedar trees to a waterfall. On the roundtrip back we saw a fork that everyone was taking. It led to Avalanche Lake. The weather was perfect and we had been in the car all day, so we went for it. The hike out grew increasingly defeating as it seemed to never end. A break in the trees at the halfway point exposed huge black mountains adjacent to the whole trail. As we went further the kids grew weary and winds picked up but every passer-by promised we were close. We finally made it and so glad we did. It was easily the highlight of our visit to Glacier and unbeknownst to us weather would take a turn so the next day would limit what we could do.

The next day we tried to hike Rocky Point, but the mention of “hike” brought tears to the girls eyes, so we bailed. We ended up fishing on McDonald Lake until heavy winds blew us away. The rest of the day was filled with wind and the threat of rain so after some visits to a few falls and the lodge we headed back to the campsite where there was no wind or rain.

Shana is a canned ham vintage travel trailer. She carried Bennett Burgess, Cannon Burgess, Kimber Burgess, Matt Burgess, Ruby Burgess, Teagan Burgess over 275 miles through 3 states to Glacier National Park pulled by a 2006 Toyota Sequoia to camp near West Glacier, Montana. On this RV glamping trip 3 admirers complimented our restored retro red 1958 Shasta Airflyte Deluxe travel trailer. She spent 2 nights at campsite #31A in Montana with temperatures ranging from 49℉-75℉ arriving Saturday, June 27, 2020 and leaving Monday, June 29, 2020. For more information about this glamping camping destination at Glacier National Park in Montana go to
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spokane washington to glacier montana