Kitchenette Upgrade Appliances

As part of the kitchenette upgrade we added a few convenient appliances. Decidedly without dedicated gas lines, which would require us to tote a propane tank, we opted for a pure electric mini fridge instead of the more costly units that run on electricity and gas. This either limits where we can camp to grounds with electric service or would require us to bring a generator. So far every campground has had ample electrical options, but even if we needed a generator that would be much more practical and affordable. We could probably find a generator for less than the cost of a electric/gas fridge, but would be potentially more applicable like to a power outage at home.

First, we bought a stainless Danby Contemprary Classic fridge from Costco with 4.4 cubic feet of space for $170. It is perfectly wide and deep for the existing space in the original cabinetry.  Surprisingly, it provided enough space above for a small microwave.

Second, we ordered the matching Danby Designer microwave from Amazon for $63 with 0.7 cubic feet of space.

Both appliances afford us nice and very welcomed conveniences on our trips.