The Camper Before VIN

One of the things we weren’t aware of prior to buying Shana is that she had no title. This became annoyingly obvious when we tried to insure her, which is impossible without one. In order to get one we had a policeman come to our home to supposedly investigate the safety of a “homemade” trailer. The policeman had no interest of her safety, but of her theft. He looked for a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), which would allow him to sign a form that would allow us to get a proper title. He was even incentivized to be scrupulous, because as it turns out he was an attender of Stonecreek Church who owned her previously.

The police officer’s denial to sign the form commenced a two month mission to obtain a serial number from the Georgia Department of Motor Vehicles. After four trips to our local DMV office and multiple phone calls in between all involving inefficient phone tree systems, we finally filled out the proper forms. It seems having a camper trailer without a VIN is a very, very, very unusual circumstance.

The result of an relentless pursuit resulted in a thing metal tag arriving in the mail. The police officer was called back. He signed the proper form. The proper form was taken back to the DMV and after talking to three different representatives a license plate was rewarded. The only regret we have in the matter is not getting a personalized tag!