Greenlight Shasta Airflyte Deluxe Toy with 1962 Dodge D-100

If you own a Shasta Airflyte, then you must have the die cast replica toy from Greenlight! The HotWheels sized vintage camper toy is a Monday-Friday desktop inspiration to get you through the work week dreaming about your next trip or fun from the last. For a fraction of the cost of your full-size version, you have a handheld version complete with (non-working) lights, white-wall tires, roof vent and chrome wings. There is even a Shasta logo exactly where it is on the original. Oh, and you get a bonus Dodge D-100 truck to pull her (not pictured, because honestly who cares about the truck…I don’t know where it is).

The die cast Shasta Airflyte deluxe has functioning wheels, so you can roll right into fantasy trips on your kitchen counter. The only criticism we have is it doesn’t come with a child-lock. Kids seem to prefer this die cast vehicle before all the other monster trucks and sports cars. Take care of this hand held Shasta like you take care of your walk-in Shasta.