Coleman 413g Powerhouse Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove

An honest review of the Coleman 413g Powerhouse Dual Fuel 2 Burner Stove.

The Coleman 413g is a made in the USA powerhouse. Built in Wichita, Kansas between 1965-1969 this unit is an absolute unit. It was built to stand the test of time and it has. Over 55 years later this Coleman stove is still a quick, easy and affordable way to cook. Plus, it ignites a certain pride in reusing an antique that represents true craftsmanship in American manufacturing. It is the perfect pairing for a vintage camper or anyone appreciating the finer things of yesteryear.

The powerhouse dual fuel stove features a fuel reservoir that holds enough gas to easily fuel through a handful or more meals. A manual pump creates pressure within the fuel tank and the pressure can last multiple cooking sessions. Pumping is simple and does not take long to build enough pressure to get started.

The stove features 2 burners. One can be controlled independently of the other even turning off completely so that only one burner is in use. The top of the stove opens to reveal two wind blocking walls that block wind gusts and splattering grease.

The cooking surface of the Coleman 413g is spacious. It allows cooking burgers or breakfast for our entire crew of six at a time. Since purchasing the Nordicware Backsplash Griddle, we use it almost exclusively as the cooking surface for scrambled eggs, hash browns, bacon and burgers. Otherwise pots and pans can be used atop each burner. However, the Nordicware Backsplash Griddle or something similar is highly recommended.


  • Coleman is a great American company.
  • This green stove with red fuel tank looks cool and nostalgic.
  • The Coleman 413g is extremely durable.
  • It is very easy to find replacement parts for the Coleman 413g stove.
  • The Coleman dual burner stove is spacious


  • The Coleman 413g is heavy.
  • The Coleman stove is bulky.


  • Purchase a small funnel to load fuel easily. You might find these in the camping or automotive section of stores.
  • Wrap the fuel tank in a towel when storing the fuel tank inside the Coleman stove. This protects the internals during travel and provides a cleanup rag for after use.

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