Nordic Ware Backsplash Non-stick Griddle

A real review of the Nordic Ware Backsplash Non-stick Griddle paired with a Coleman Powerhouse Stove.

The Nordic Ware Backsplash Griddle is the perfect accessory for our Coleman dual burner stove. It is practically a perfect fit onto the stove space. That makes it a powerhouse pairing with Coleman powerhouse stoves. It basically turns your Coleman stove into a grill. With a short backsplash along three sides it helps contain scrambled eggs, which is especially helpful when cooking on even slightly uneven cooking surfaces. It is a given that campsite picnic tables are not entirely level, so the eggs will run somewhere! The griddle’s backsplash also serves as a backstop for a spatula trying to catch hamburgers, for example. The fourth side has a short gutter that catches grease safely rather than pouring directly off onto the heating element. Grease pouring onto an open flame is extremely dangerous, especially in close proximity to lots of biomass and not so close to fire departments, so this is nice to have. It is not a deep gutter so you must keep your eye on the level to insure grease doesn’t overflow. The griddle’s non-stick coating makes campsite cleanup quick and easy…two words campers adore. We’ve found the Nordic Ware’s griddle is particular good at cooking, eggs, bacon, hash browns, burgers, pancakes and more. We highly recommend this griddle to accompany your Coleman stove. It is a must have accessory!

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