Nordic Ware Backsplash Non-stick Griddle

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A real review of the Nordic Ware Backsplash Non-stick Griddle paired with a Coleman Powerhouse Stove. The Nordic Ware Backsplash Griddle is the perfect accessory for our Coleman dual burner stove. It is practically a perfect fit onto the stove space. That makes it a powerhouse pairing with Coleman powerhouse stoves. It basically turns your … [Read more…]

BioLite BaseCamp Pizza Stone Dome Accessory

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A real review of the BioLite BaseCamp PizzaDome pizza stone with thermometer dome accessory. The Biolite Basecamp is a wood-fired jet stove that disperses extreme heat without using gas. The fire jets from a cast iron body up through 13.25 inch grill grate cooktop. It allows campers to burn any combustible material affectionately called biomass. … [Read more…]